Essential things for a confident woman

As women, I has been looking for the essential things that make not only myself but also many women happy with their performance, confident with their outfits and alway young and beautiful. Listening , researching and base on my limited understanding, I hope this list below will be helpful

1. Skincare

Different type of skin you should carefully choosing skincare products. Listening from expert and pay for the good products. Do not try to save money, believe me, if you use wrong product for your skin, you will spend more to recover damages. Do it everyday, for both face and body. Follow 3 basic steps: Cleanser – Tonner – Moisturizer

2. Hair and Make up

Like your skin, you also use the right product for your hair and make up. Never forget brush your hair and make up before dating. Learning from fashion blogs or youtube to decided make up type that appropriate with your beauty.

3. Fragrances

Fragrances is very important of women, its your signature.

Choosing a perfume that suits you is not easy. We need to know a bit about ourselves and our personalities. We have to be honest and not just follow trends and fashions. And just because everyone is wearing a certain fragrance, it does not mean that this certain fragrance is right for you, too.


4. Black High Heels

When I meet a women for the first time, automatically I will looking down of her shoes. The safest choice is basic black high heels. Never out of trend and you can mix it with different style. Women look so classy and smart with black high heels.

5. Jeans

As I had mentioned in the previous post, Every girl should own a truly great pair of JEANS

6. Bags

Mostly women forget their bags, but its also the important accessories. Simple black color or nude with limited detail is necessary

7. Healthy

Gym and exercise for your body shape. Fruits and water for your skin. Sleep for your beauty and smile for your happiness. Drug and Alcohol is considered as enemies of beauty. Keep positive thinking and smile as much as you can

8. Social Network

Stop having conversation with “friends” who always compare themselves with you. Stay connection with friends who you can learn from them, who give you a truly suggestions and recommends. You learn but do not copy their style. In my individual opinion, your friends is contribute to your beauty and your confident. Meet your friends when you have free time,   chatting on Facebook/Yahoo should be limited

9. Lifestyle

You may think that is not relevant with this topic. After meeting many women and men, I realized that their lifestyle is the point to attract you from the first date. It decided you to stay in relationship with someone and how you respect them. Lifestyle is the combination of your personalities and your fancies like travel, cooking, blogging. designing, reading, music or shopping. Person have a strong lifestyle can inspire and motivate others.

 10. Knowledge

Take time to learn new thing everyday, motivate yourself. Planing for everyday or week, not for a year because future is unpredictable. Spent your time to reading something, study something that you love to do. If you love photos, try to take them by your own camera. If you really want to be beautiful, try to read fashion blogs. If you love travel, save money, keep in touch with friends and don’t delay your plans.
      Hope it help

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