Yves Rocher Organic Vanilla Body Scrub

So embarrassing if a fashion bloggers can not speak the French brand name correctly, and tell me where or who can teach me French ! I usually make mistake by using English to call a French brand nam as Yves Saint Laurent. Anyway, yesterday me and Michel went around city to looking for the body scrub. Actually, I should do it in Singapore but my luggage were over weigh so I decided I will buy it when I go back. But I realized that Vietnamese weathers make my skin roughly  , I couldn’t service without the body scrub in 2 weeks .

I quite satisfied with products of The Body Shop, but Michel had recommended  me to try the new brand. Finally, I bough Yves Rocher Organic Vanilla Body scrub . After use it, my skin so smooth and has vanilla flavor like a sweetie cupcakes. I love the design too, it’s vintage and not easy get wet ( I really get met with the plastic jar, water come in easily and the scrub stick on the cap )


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