My skincare routine tips

Yuki asked me many time about my skincare routine, she wondered why my skin so good and she’s using SK II but wasn’t effective. I try to explain anything I know about skin care and recommend for her some best product. And not only Yuki, some people email to ask me how I do skin care. So today I decided to tell you exactly skincare tips.

I have a normal skin type, it’s easy to treat and protect more than another one. My skin usually get dry when I stay long time in air-conditioner. Thus the most important is how to stay smoothy and fresh looking . If you have sensitive and combination skin type, you should careful and please choose the appropriate product for your skin ( not the best or the expensive one ). If you have different skin type and still confuse about skincare, just email me.

For the cleanser, I use L’occitance Angelica Gel Cleanser twice a day,  It keeps my face clean but smooth
L’occitance Angelica Gel Cleanser
SKINFOOD Tea Tree tonner
CLINIQUE Dramatically different moisturizing gel for day and night and LANEIGE Water sleeping pack before I go to bed
The Body Shop 3 in 1 scrub mask – apply moisturizing and clean death skin. I use twice a week
Ultra Sheer Sunblock from Neutrogena – SPF 55
Drink water – at least 2L per day. But you can replace it by vegetable , fruit and juices
Love tomatoes – They will love your skin
My favorite juice – It’s total 100% pure fruit . Be careful to buy juices, read the nutrition before you buy because most of them content a lots sugar
Listen music , sleep on time , don’t thinking to much and do exercise. Your skin good or bad based on your lifestyle.
Smile Smile and Smile – that’s the way your skin stay healthy and fresh


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