Makeup trend -Impressive & Creative eyeliner

Your eyes is the great weapons to make impression from the first date. Choose the creative eyeliener for your look will not only necessaries but also accentuate.

Double Eyeliner 

Take eyeliner in two colors, say regular black and a colored one and draw two lines that flatter your eye shape. First outline the eye with black eyeliner for definition. Then try to accurately create the second line above the first one. Dot the line before drawing it to make it easier to get a precise shape. ( glamor )

Icy – Eyes

Inspiring from Dior haute couture fall 2012, the icy eye makeup look created using silver eyeshadow applied across the eyelid, color paired with a vivaciously pigmented line drawn boldly across the lash line. The bright hues balance perfectly the coolness of the silver eyelids, creating a stylish

Punky Pink

hot pink—gives new life to an old classic. Start with a liquid formula and top with an angled brush dipped in cream eyeliner for increased staying power. (

Double dipping

Two strokes of eyeliner are better than one—and don’t limit yourself to the lash line alone. Instead, rim lids with a black pencil, then mirror with a felt-tip liquid liner through the crease, adding a slight flick on the end. Visions of Cleopatra? Applying a graphic, vertical stripe alongside the nose bridge gives the look a modern, Altuzarra Fall 2012 vibe

Love Triangle 

Use a pencil to trace a small equilateral triangle at the outer corner of lids, then layer a liquid liner on top for added opacity. The outer point of the triangle gives the illusion of an elongated uptick, with none of that laborious lash line-tracing. Finally, that year of high school geometry pays off ( )

Sticker Shock

A half line of smaller, barely perceptible paillettes placed precisely below the pupil and extended toward the outer corner of the eye is subtle enough to sparkle without looking costume-y

Messy Eyes

Following the natural arch of the brow bone, try applying short, erratic pencil strokes from the lash line through the crease. Smudge, leaving the end of each stroke unadulterated, then dab with clear gloss.

Bold Under-eyeliner 

Choose a softer eyeliner and apply in thinner line smudging it just a bit to make it more wearable. If it still looks pretty harsh try to change the eyeliner color.

Scalloped Eyeliner

Dream Girls

Eyeliner can also be worn with eyeshadow of matching or contrasting color. Make sure both colors look good on you and against each other. First apply eyeshadow, then eyeliner so that it would last longer. You can use damp brush with eyeliner brush to create colored eyeliner with your eyeshadow.