Milan Fashion Week/ Gucci Spring Summer 2013 RTW

Milan Fashion Week has been opened by Gucci SS2013 but it was a huge disappointed show so far. Gucci has lost their creative and innovative design, the power distance has been broken, nothing classy, nothing more. Those funny color as chunky pink, sweet yellow just like candies for teenager. Uncreative assimilation, minimal to be commercialized.


5 thoughts on “Milan Fashion Week/ Gucci Spring Summer 2013 RTW

  1. labrynthe

    I beg to differ. The structure of the clothes may seem so simple but you need to have superior craftsmanship and to deliver such clean lines. And you can just tell that the fabric is of excellent quality. Yes, they used loud colors (t’s a Spring/Summer collection anyway) but I don’t think the structure and the total vibe of the designs are for the younger crowd. And just because the collection lack frills and frivolities does not automatically mean that they’ve lost creativity.

    • tammydefox

      Thank you for your commend. I am absolutely agree with you about the “structure”, ” superior craftsmanship” and ” clean lines” . BUT in my perspective, those are the essential conditions and factors that the luxury brand name MUST carry on. Gucci made me disappointed because they lost the identity, reputation of branding, and the value of art in the designs. Under Tom Ford’s decade, GUCCI had known as the most CHIC, UNIQUE, LUXURY, FEMININE and POWERFUL fashion brand in the word. Tom Ford had great contribution the successes of Gucci. But now, especially in this collection, Frida Giannini commercializes Gucci by similar design with Lanvin FW 2011 and Burberry Prorsum

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