Tea Two

I love having a tea cup in the morning and little cupcakes with friends, usually close friend and I also looking for the new brand of tea when I am traveling.

Yesterday I was so lucky when I stepped in Two-Tea store ( called T2), the store is so amazing. From the tea to the store decoration, even though I am not a designer or artist but I really care of the atmosphere and design of the store location, as well as the packaging of product. All kinds of Tea  from popular to unpopular are available in store, classic packaging designed and smart marketing technique. Every kinds of tea is put in to the small box for customer can smell, taste and touch. I could not remember all the name of tea but I do remember how they name the tea box, it’s so sweet.


Think of the day

“Woman, who might not be beautiful, smart or rich, but she deserved to have a good man”

– Tammydefox


I was sitting alone at the park while the old man in blue shirt was walking forward then sat down besides me. He asked

– “Hi, how is your day ?”

– “Well, not bad at all”, I did answer him but felt insecure

– “So why were you looking so sad?”

–  Cause I was watching those couple crossing over me and I asked myself : ” Who is the one for me?”

– Let me tell you something,young lady,  if you don’t mind, I just want cheer you up. His eyes looked straightly on me.

” Every moment you spend on your life should have a reason, and those reasons lead you to your own man ….”

Zara military jacket and shirt

Vintage Timberland leather bag

Casual loafer and hat

Sweetest Holiday is coming soon

I love the bling bling lighs on the street, I love smelling cheese cakes and drink a cup of hot coffee in the morning. I love wrapping a big-size coat and run out of house to touch the snow, rolling my fingers in pocket to warm somebody hands and let the wind blowing my messy hair ….

and just because Christmas is coming …

Fedora: H&M/ Packbag: Vintage/ Cardigan: Handmade knit wear