Think of the day

“Woman, who might not be beautiful, smart or rich, but she deserved to have a good man”

– Tammydefox


I was sitting alone at the park while the old man in blue shirt was walking forward then sat down besides me. He asked

– “Hi, how is your day ?”

– “Well, not bad at all”, I did answer him but felt insecure

– “So why were you looking so sad?”

–  Cause I was watching those couple crossing over me and I asked myself : ” Who is the one for me?”

– Let me tell you something,young lady,  if you don’t mind, I just want cheer you up. His eyes looked straightly on me.

” Every moment you spend on your life should have a reason, and those reasons lead you to your own man ….”

Zara military jacket and shirt

Vintage Timberland leather bag

Casual loafer and hat


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