The country’s falling around me


I was reading the popular personal blog Style Rookie which was founded by the young teenager blogger Tavi Gevinson, which brought me back to three years ago. Since’ the first state of knowing about fashion, I was extremely obsessed “Vintage Style”. I had been being deeply lost myself in lacing dresses, Indian pattern tops, browny boots, deep yellow skirts, floral and collar shirts and absolutely say NO with jeans. Well, I used to have some, but those are vintage high waist jeans I got from my aunt from the early 90’s and a bunch of raw leather bags.

It was so interesting and taking a long way since I had figured out that my personality is not relevant with “vintage style”. It’s a valuable experience and I had learned some things through the replacement. I believe that if you “love” a style it does not mean that you “own” the style. ” The big fish is never on the surface and not easy to catch”. The significant relationship between style and personality should be consistent your lifestyle and it must be carefully understand by yourself.  Even thought I turned on to minimal and menswear style ( I am not following the trend ), I still kinda rush on the vintage clothing, but wearing vintage design and standing before the mirror, it was not who I am. I just look like a fox costumes the sheep coat.

Today I woke up early and had breakfast with my dad. Winter season had been coming in Wichita on Christmas Holiday and snowing for a few days. I love wrapping in my cozy blanket and listen a song of The Breeders – Do you love me now while I was texting with my dearest friends in Vietnam. It was a little bit  thinking about Tammydefox, this blog is still in nowhere instead of developing in 10 months. The potential and the influence of Tammydefox not extensive as I expected. I really worry about that and I really need new strategy.

Vintage sunglassed/ H&M fur coat/ H&M sweater/ Topshop jeans/ Charles & Keith heels/ Zara belt ( on my left hand )


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