Some people believe that wearing black color is “old” and tedious. It’s a right perception but not totally applicable to me right now. And some people think that black and white is manifesting the nature of minimalism. Yes, it is! But no, It don’t. The apparent of minimalism  should be based on materials, fancy-work and cutting efficiency. I love utilizing  the nature of materials and see how interesting they are  if I mix it in same color .

Suddenly I pop up an idea that my outfit and style should be transferred to a live version, and that how Tammydefox’s Instyle fashion video was created. “Tammydefox Instyle” holds the greatest thank and graceful to my dear viewers and my lovely friends. I am excited to share this extraordinary treat with you with full of hope that you guy will really really enjoy it. ♥ If I did not make a optimal work, just laugh, at least I stole your smile. Hihi, j.k.d ;)

Have a nice weekend.

Foxie ♥

Zara hat and belt/ H&M basic tank/ Miss Selfridge Tuxedo blazer/ Vintage boots/ studded clutch from F21 and my all time favorite sunglasses


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