Casual day


The temperature was down last week and it will stay until this weekend that appropriate time for wrapping on bed and writing down some note. I did deactive my Facebook for a few day just because my mind was deep in thought about friendship, future career, especially this blog. I paid most of my time to develop and branding for Tammydefox, its a lot of thing to be handle and luckily I had some help from my dearest friends. Since Tammydefox has been launched on February 2012, because of personal study, it had been paused for 3 months and turned back on May. The template has been changed for many time to adapt reader’s convenience as well as visual efficiency, following the concept of minimal and classy. Over 10 months, even Tammydefox got some littles achievement but not enough for me, I expect it should be more influence. The “QUIT” suddenly appears.

I called my friend in Australia and confided to him that should I continuously blogging. He just gave me one admonition: “Be patient and keep blogging”.

Hat, shirt from Zara/ Vintage sunglasses/ 3.1 Phillip Lim bag/ Topshop lemon jeans/ H&M suede boots


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