Moment of the day


It was a lovely Saturday when we stayed at home, my mom cooked some Vietnamese traditional cuisine called “Bun Bo Hue” and “Pho”. Taking note “Must Try” if if you guy on the plan going to visit Vietnam, I believe that you will love it.

We shared some interesting stories about how Brandy had founded in deep of snow since a huge snowstorm have crossed my dad’s old house. She was just a baby, my dad believed that he unfurtunatly lost her in somewhere under ruins until he heard her barks. Now, Brandy’s an old lady, lying around and happy when my mom cooks cause she knows she’s gonna get some good meal. My dad has canceled all the service calls to spend this valuable moments with his lovely wife and daughters.

Lovely thank to my little sister for those photo <3 <3 <3

Zara sweater/ H&M faux fur coat and boots/ F21 leather skirt/ 3.1 Phillip Lim bag


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