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The Scotland Skirt by Jamespringle Weavers/ Topshop Leather Jacket/ H&M boots/ The B Club Top/ Zara Hat




I was fascinated to learn about this strange land where the weather just randomly changing its graceful motion every days. Yesterday was so a beautiful sunny day, the weatherman announced that would be a huge snowstorm on West Kansas by last night. Then, this morning my house was covered by a huge snowstorm which will last to entire tomorrow. My dad said “that man should be fired because we are living in East Kansas”. Let’s see how excited I am! My class was canceled!, finally I have one day off. My work takes my whole weekday and weekend and my classes as well.

Focusing on my outfit, from the shirt, the sweater, the jeans and my bag, except my hat and sunglasses, those are from thrift shop and outlet store. I just have incredible love in thriftshop where I can find a lovely jeans from 90’s and purchase only $5  instead the reproduced vintage jeans which cost me over $90. Look at the shirt, perfectly tailored, strong shape and cut-well with the unpredictable price if I step in Ralph Lauren branch but I got the exactly what I had been looking for just only $24 in the outlet store. And finally, the sweater, brand new, full and particular knit, $15