The Valentine

I am not embarrassing to tell you that since I had known the meaning of Valentine day, I have not been through the “perfect Valentine”, even I was in a relationship or single. I did not convince myself that I would be fine, that definitely was not a sweet taste. I know there are a lots people like me, who mostly spend Valentine days alone or with their “Single” group. Honestly, even you tried hiding your true feeling behind your smiles, you still felt jealous with those happy couples, you still wanted holding someone hands, having dinner in a gracefully restaurant, watching romantic movie, hugging and kissing. Above all of those points, you deeply want to love and to be loved.

If there are many manners of expressing Valentine days for couple, there would be many manners to celebrate your “single” Valentine. The only thing I would like to recommend that if you truly want to make a “single” Valentine day to be meaningful, you would love continue reading the tips below. Conversely, it would be better that you stay at your room and cry.

  1. Watching your favorite movie, playing games or having dinner with your close friends (confirm that they are single)
  2. Dressing up and be the most beautiful woman or confidence gentleman, driving to follower shop and buy a rose for your mom.
  3. Surprisingly show up at home with homemade cook and invite your family for a dinner
  4. Having dinner at memorable restaurant which is the place you and your ex was spending time together. Just in case you could not forget him/her
  5. Buy a gift for your sister/brother and tell them how much you want they pay back
  6. Do some crazy funny things such as randomly pick up a name in your friend list and ask for a date.

This amiable gift below is from New York a couple days ago by my secret friend, who knows how much I love chocolate, especially Max Brennder. I woke up and a big package was at my front door without the name with a wish of joyful and happiness, and I wish you also always happy as the way you are.

Happy Valentine 













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