Spring time

tammy_de_fox_style_1flowertree-9 tammy_de_fox_style_1flowertree-8tammy_de_fox_style_1flowertree-11
Spring brings rain and cold wind, blighting my health that I frankly considered being at home on Monday rather than spent time at school. I got another dental issue and it shut me down instantly after I took a medicine.
On the way went to dentist, I noticed white flowers were blooming on the tree, I absolutely surprise how beautiful it is. My sister offered me a photo shoot on that late afternoon if I would drive her go to mall and help her buy the cleanser.

Let’s make a short description about my outfit of today. It is absolute simple mix from basic items:  white tank top ( easy go with any bottom), black tuxedo blazer ( you can replace it by a basic black blazer or menswear suit), classic heels and mini clutch. The only “make-a-point” is the Panthera onca pattern of my pant. Easy dress for a sick day!

I was wearing H&M tank top and pant, Miss Selfridge tuxedo blazer, Verawang mini bag and Olsenboye classic heels


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