How to be a smart style-follower

Are you one of the millions of people who are exhausted of creating your personal style? Have you ever tried to apply popular fashion-icon’s style but then you reconized it was inappropriate? Although it seem implausible, people persist in believing style is wearing clothe fashionably and creativity.  In fact, it is much more easy than you thought. If you can not be a style-creator, you can be a smart style-follower . I will show you how to be a style-follower, and this time, you will dress it just right.

The fundamental of style is constituted by two major elements . First as most important, you should  “KNOW WHO YOU ARE” . To investigate yourself, let’s honestly answering some questions below

  • Your sexuality 
  • Your religion
  • Your current country
  • Your culture ( list down at least 5 significant attributes )
  • Your passion
  • Your talent
  • Your occupation
  • Your strength and your weakness
  • Your personality (list down as much as you can, For instant: I’m confident, I’m independent)
  • Your hobbies
  • Your personal interest (foods, fashion, travel, photography etc.)
  • Your horoscope sign and read bout it
  • Your favorite movies, musics, sports, books
  • Your ordinary activities
  • Your leisure activities
  • Your style-icon

The more significant you investigate yourself, the more compatible style you can exemplify. If you would not able completed those question by yourself, you should ask someone else to help you, especially the person know you well enough.  This process sounds easy but it needs time. Every item above will contribute to your identification and your lifestyle.

The second element is “DRESS ACCORDINGLY”. After you noted down your answer, you may try visualize the appropriate style you can follow. You constitute your style by analyze those items below:

  • Color (red/ black/ black&white/ pastel/ neutral..)
  • Fabric (silk/ velvet/ tweed/ cotton/ leather ..)
  • Pattern (lace/ floral/ blank/ polkadot/ …
  • Categories (skirt/dress/ jeans/ short/..)

Depending on what you had analyzed your identification,  you will choose those items exactly to represent your style. The second elements MUST BE consistent and relative with the first element. Every style-icon have their own choice in colors, patterns, fabrics and categories to show who they are and that how they can specifically created the unique style. You may take some references from style-icon who has similar style that you can afford and apply. You may consider about the weather where you are living and the environment around you. It is ridiculous if you wear thick jacket in a tropical season. It may happen if you are greatly obsessed someone’s style.

It take me amount of time for me to understand how I should create my own style. Those are based on my own experiences, and I think I should share to you. Let me know if you agree or you have your own opinion.

“Know who you are, Dress accordingly” 

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