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Hi guys ! I hope you have a wonderful week. My week is so fluctuated with  many events happened which may be considered as “the changing point”. I officially enroll to next education, I got new job in down town and I have a collaboration with one of my favorite brand of shoes ( I will keep the secret until next post ).

However, I could not stay happy because it so much tears had dropped in Boston. I woke up on Tuesday I the first news is bomb explosion in Boston it cause the death of 8 years old boy and extremely destroyed a leg of the nanny. over 100 people are injured. After 3 days investigating, FBI caught two suspects but one of them is died after he put the bullet in a cop. He died in duty. I am so sorry for their lost and everything I can do now is pray for justiceI wonder if this would happened with my family, my friends and my lover, what will I do ? May I wrap the gun and take a revenge ?

Topshop leather Jacket/ Topman bow tie/ Merona shirt/ Lauren Conrad leather baggy/ Olsenboye classic heels/ Zara hat

Photos: my sister


One thought on “Daylight

  1. Mauro

    I share your shock at what has happened… but I’m really in love with your outfit, all leather from head to toe, so classy, chic and especially sexy!!!!!

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