Legendary style

voguetammy_de_fox_style_tuxedo tammy_de_fox_style_jeans-6 tammy_de_fox_style_tuxedo-3tammy_de_fox_style_tuxedo-5tammy_de_fox_style_tuxedo-6

My today my outfit taking inspiration from women style 1950’s which is considered as the new legend of style. Based on two fundamental color which is black and white, I would like to bring the 1950’s style into modern life creativity, combine the hottest trend “stripe” with little menswear “bow-tie”, adding the drummer-boy pant and mini clutch.

Miss Selfrigde dummer boy pant/ F21 stripe shirt/ Topman bow-tie/ VeraWang clutch/ F21 fedora



Blue Jeans


tammy_de_fox_style_jeans-2 tammy_de_fox_style_jeansHonestly, I like white jeans, black jeans, colorful jeans but blue jeans.I just have 3 blue jeans, but I bought that because one of them is boy-friend jeans (in a picture), one is vintage and the other one is a gift from friend but it is black-blue.  However, I have to admit that the blue jeans is the most common style in America because it is an economic crisis saver. You can owe one jeans and it’s always comfortable with a ton of tops. The fact is that jeans is a classic and classic styles would always be in fashion and never ever would it be consider out-dated

I tried to mixed with denim jackets but finally, I think this outfit would be perfect without a jackets

I was wearing Mango boy-friend jeans/ F21 crop-shirt and classic heels/ Denim jacket from my sister

Photo: Killy Nguyen

New hair

tammy_de_fox_style_black-4-2 tammy_de_fox_style_black-3-2 tammy_de_fox_style_black-2-2 tammy_de_fox_style_black-10School and work keep me stay busy lately. I finished final test last week and put my self into the new project! I’m gonna spend 2 breaking weeks to decorate entire my house and reset myself. For one thing, I decided die black and hopefully this new look will receive positive commends

Forever 21 fedora and stripe shirt/ pleated skirt – gifted/ leather ankle boots – vintage/ VeraWang bag