Flair and White

tammy_de_fox_style_whiteinwhite-5tammy_de_fox_style_whiteinwhite-3 tammy_de_fox_style_whiteinwhitetammy_de_fox_style_whiteinwhite-4

Even white-in-white is so popular lately but I just can not rush with it. I would love something clean but still standing out and make it look fresh but unique. As I said, I just dont like jeans color so I made a solution with white jeans, push a pause button on skinny, I found it from “Brand new clothing” and absolutely have no idea where it from but it cost me $12 for a wonderful flair pair.

White shirt and coat from Zara/ Flair jeans/ Vintage timberland satchel/ Olsenboye sunglasses and heels


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