Love of Lime

tammy_de_fox_limejeans-3tammy_de_fox_limejeans-10 tammy_de_fox_limejeans-9 tammy_de_fox_limejeans-8 tammy_de_fox_limejeans-7 tammy_de_fox_limejeans-6 tammy_de_fox_limejeans-5 tammy_de_fox_limejeans-4
tammy_de_fox_limejeans-2 tammy_de_fox_limejeanstammy_de_fox_limejeans-11

Lime again! I know, right ? I been following the wonderful summer color for this year and I’m not gonna stop until I got a lime-on-lime set. For one thing, you may concern that Zara covers my closet just because Zara always knows what I want, absolutely. Actually, I love another brands’style but since I move to another city and had a better job opportunities in fashion industry, I will. But know, convenience shipping policy , price motivation and customer care of Zara would be the most appropriate  for my current condition.

I’m highly appreciate my cousin for his effort. The first time he does photography for this high demanding lady. He did a good job and I can see a hidden talent somewhere ;)

Zara shirt, heels and lime jeans/ Bag – gifted/ Charlotte russ sunglasses


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