I’m coming back

tammy_de_fox_splitskirt-13 tammy_de_fox_splitskirt-12 tammy_de_fox_splitskirt-11 tammy_de_fox_splitskirt-10 tammy_de_fox_splitskirt-9 tammy_de_fox_splitskirt-8

I’m coming back !

Yes, for your wondering what I have been up to 2 months I mainly stay on working mood. Save up for next year. Back to school and cut 1 inch of my hair. For the last two weeks before summer ended, my friend visit me and we had a very good time together. We had enjoyed Taylor Swift concert, foods and mostly delightful conversations. For the last 8 months, now I’m absolutely living my live, I hanged out pretty much lately and explored amazing foods with amazing friends. You guys definitely know where I were if you check my instagram ;)

I’m kinda excited for the next few day when Philip Lim launches their product line for Target. Mini messenger bag and dark blue leather jacket are on my wish-list. I will update photos when I get them.

New York Fashion Week just ended, London is calling !

F21 crop-top and short/ Zara boots/ Balenciaga vintage bag/ My sister “boy” snapback/ Vintage denim jacket


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