Back to winter





Chess skirt – Forever 21/ Sweater and fur coat- H&M/ Boots – Zara


White,red,pink,and purple


Woman is the most wonderful and miraculous present in the Universe that God offers us. I am  fascinated to contemplate the women around me. I have met so many wonderful women in my entire life; they are so charming, so graceful, and so mellifluous that I can help casting a furtive glance.

My outfit today is combination of red, white, purple and pink. Red represents a heart is full of love, white represents for pure beauty, pink is youth and the purple for the most wonderful and romantic life. Those colors and its meaning are all my best wish to you.

 Vintage Pokadot red bow shirt/ Zara coat/ F21 pink leather skirt/ Zara heels

Colorful stripe sweater


It was a lovely afternoon, my sister took those photos on the way we backed to home. I showed her how to use my camera and I would love to give her my own one – the Olympus E500. It used to be dad’s camera until he gave it to me, and now it’s belong to my sister.

Zara white coat and navy jeans/ Mom’s sweater ( a short description here )/ Casio watches/ Vintage sunglasses/ Charles&Keith heels